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Jazz-Klezmer-Band “Apropos.art” (The Ensemble of Jewish contemporary music) was founded in 2004 by the composer Yuri Povolotsky. The combination of folklore with elements of classic music, jazz, fusion, funk, country and Mediterranean ethnic culture forms the basis of modern editions of traditional klezmer music and original compositions represented in the concert programs of “Apropos.art”.

The group includes young talented musicians whose energy, temperament and unique freshness of view, form, in the end, the original creative image of ensemble.

“Apropos.art” gives solo concerts in different towns of Israel, participates in gala-performances, TV and radio programs. The Ensemble is a prize-winner of  the “Neshama Yehudit” competition (2006), And also of the “Jerusalem Autumn” festivals (2006, 2007), A participant of klezmer music festivals in Zefat (2007, 2009) and “Maine Shtetelekh” in Ashdod (2007).

In 2007 comes out the disc “Povolotsky & C°”.

The musicians of group are: Constantine Keytlin (Clarinet), Victor Rotenberg (Violin), Boris Bendikov (Trumpet), Dmitry Oradovsky (Bass-Guitar), Anatoly Magdalinsky (Drums, Percussion).

The band’s soloist – Bronislava Kazantzev – an actress and a singer with a tremendous performance and creative range. Her repertoire includes hits from musicals and motion pictures, jazz, romances, chanson and songs in many languages, such as Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German, French, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Bronislava is also a script and songwriter and a frequent hostess of various large shows.

The Art-Director of “Apropos.art” – Yuri Povolotsky – composer, arranger and pianist, the author of music in various genres, which is performed in different countries of the world (USA, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, Japan, China, New Zealand etc.). He works actively in the direction of Jewish Soul Music. Being in various collectives he became a prize-winner is international competitions and festivals, his compositions were awarded a special prize of UNESCO “for the development of interactive relations between the cultures by music”. In 2007 Yuri Povolotsky became a prize winner of the “Jerusalem Olives” for the contribution to the development of the Jewish music folklore and creation of original works of Jewish theme.


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