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Yuri POVOLOTSKY was born in Odessa (Ukraine) in February, 14, 1962.

In 1986 graduated from Gnessin Russian Music Academy in Moscow – faculty of composition. Teachers: Professor Heinrich Litinsky and Professor Alexey Muravlev.

From 1991 live in Israel.

A member of the Israel Composers’ League, ACUM, EILAM (Israeli Musicians' Union).

The author of symphonic and chamber music, the works in various styles and genres, performed in concerts, performances and is broadcasting over the radio and TV in Israel and several countries all over the world (USA, Japan, China, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries of former USSR etc.)

Winner of the Israel Prizes in the composition: of the Yuri Stern (2009) and "Jerusalem Olive" (2007).

Author of several works in the style of Jewish Soul Music. Art-Director of Jazz-Klezmer-Band “Apropos.art”.

Participated in Festivals of Classic and Contemporary Music: ACL (New Zealand, 2007 & Japan, 2010), “Two Days & Two Nights of New Music” (Ukraine, 2009, 2011, 2015), “Euro-Orchestra” (Russia, 2014), “Music Fest Kreuth” (Germany 2015, 2017), “Hamburger Kammermusikfest International” (Germany, 2018), Trans-Siberian Art Festival (Russia, 2016, 2019), Festival “iPalpiti” (USA, 2016), “Autumn Tbilisi” (Georgia, 2016) “Kyiv Music Fest” (Ukraine, 2018) and Ethnic Music Festivals in Israel, Croatia, Poland, Holland, Russia & Uzbekistan.

The works are published in publishing houses of "Forton Music" (UK), IMI, IMC (Israel) etc.

A participant of various musical projects as a pianist, arranger and musical director. Author of articles, essays published in the press and the Internet. Radio presenter.


Jazz-Klezmer-Band АPRОPОS.АRТ

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Art-Director Yuri Povolotsky

Jazz-Klezmer-Band АPRОPОS.АRТ

Musicians: Constantine Keytlin (Clarinet), Boris Bendikov (Trumpet)

Victor Rotenberg (Violin), Dmitri Oradovsky (Bass, Guitar),

Anatoly Magdalinsky (Drums, Cajon, Percussion),

Yuri Povolotsky (Compositions, Arrangements, Keyboards)

The Jazz-Klezmer-Band "APROPOS.ART" was created in 2004. The blend of Jewish folklore with the elements of classical music, jazz, fusion, funk, country “new age” and Mediterranean ethnic cultures serves as a basis not only for the contemporary adaptation of the traditional klezmer music but also for original compositions, represented in the concert programs of the group.


Bronislava Kazantzev & “Аpropos.art”

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Bronislava Kazantzev & “Аpropos.art”

Bronislava Kazantzev (Singer), Constantine Keytlin (Clarinet),

Boris Bendikov (Trumpet), Victor Rotenberg (Violin),

Dmitri Oradovsky (Bass), Anatoly Magdalinsky (Drums, Percussion),

Yuri Povolotsky (Compositions, Arrangements, Keyboards).

ג'אז–כליזמר-בנד "אפרופו-ארט" זוהי להקה מוזיקלית בניהולו האומנותי של מלחין, מעבד מוזיקלי ופסנתרן – יורי פובולוצקי  – זוכה תחרויות ופסטיבלים רבים ואורח קבוע בתוכניות רדיו וטלוויזיה.

המופעים של "אפרופו-ארט" הם מכלול של יצירות מקוריות ועיבודים מודרניים למוסיקה כליזמרית, בשילוב של פולקלור יהודי עם אלמנטים של מוזיקה קלאסית, ג'אז, פיוז'ן, פאנק, קאנטרי ומוזיקה אתנית.

סולנית הלהקה הינה ברוניסלבה קזאנצב – זמרת ושחקנית בעלת היקף יצירתי וביצועי רחב ביותר. ברפרטואר שלה ניתן למצוא להיטים ממחזות זמר וסרטי קולנוע, מוזיקת ג'אז, רומנסות, שאנסון, שירים בשפות רבות, כגון עברית, אנגלית, גרמנית, צרפתית, רומנית, רוסית וספרדית. כמו כן, ברוניסלבה כותבת תסריטים ומשוררת, ולעיתים קרובות גם מופיעה בתור מנחה למופעים גדולים.

Jazz-klezmer-band “Apropos.art” is a musical ensemble under the art direction of the composer, musical arranger and pianist – Yuri Povolotsky – the winner of multiple competitions and festivals, and a frequent guest on various radio and TV shows. The band’s performances include original compositions and contemporary adaptations of klezmer music, combined with Jewish folklore with elements of classical music, jazz, fusion, funk, country and ethnic music.

The band’s soloist – Bronislava Kazantzev – an actress and a singer with a tremendous performance and creative range. Her repertoire includes hits from musicals and motion pictures, jazz, romances, chanson and songs in many languages, such as Hebrew, English, Yiddish, German, French, Romanian, Russian and Spanish. Bronislava is also a script and songwriter and a frequent hostess of various large shows.

Contacts: Bronislava Kazantzev: 054-4862705, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




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